Fashion from our guests around the world.

Felipe Ornell,22 years old, Brazil
He said,
I was very happy =)

I found your idea(Still in Thailand) very cool, I'll be very happy to participate.
Biggy,Thai Student in LA
He wear the nice shoes in this time,Dr.Martin 

Christie Lin,25 years old from Canada
She said,
My style is usually a mix between an edgy and girly look, but I don't limit myself to just those things! I find inspiration everywhere - anywhere from Loobook, to magazines, and the many blogs I read. I often post about fashion in my blog, 
There are definitely a lot of blacks and greys in my wardrobe! My favorite things to wear this season are boots, tights, skirts, an oversize top of some sort and a headband. My current obsession right now are giant circle scarves! I overwear my circle scarves far too much. But they are definitely my staple item this season! My favorite store to shop at is definitely Forever 21. You can find such great items there, and they are always updating their merchandise! Other than that, I also really love DIY.
Fashion is something that helps me get up every morning. As strange as it may sound, choosing what I want to wear helps get me encouraged for the day! I'll usually pick one statement piece when I get dressed and build the rest of the outfit around that. As for my opinion on fashion, I think that it tells a lot of a person's character and attitude towards life.
Junior Sealy,23 years old Fashion management student& blogger from Toronto.

He said,
Fashion is unbelievably important in my life since it allows me to express my creativity and just keeps me sane and driven. I want to become a very influential person in the industry someday, that's why I dabble in all aspects of fashion, and everday it gets better and better, slowly making my life seem more worthwhile, finally a place where I feel like I naturally belong. 

My outfits usually start from the shoes first, then the shirt and jackets...then the pants! I am inspired by dark ominous things although that doesn't reflect my current style, I find beauty in everyday things.
Bernardita, a 17 year old from Chile but living in Seville student passionate about fashion, art and cinema.

She said
I love wearing clothes which can put a smile upon my face. Waist-high pants, blazers, loose t-shirts and military boots are my favourites.
Some of my stuff are vintage, love it to death, especially vintage purses, they are fabulous! I like to mix dark and light colours, I recommend black which is always a very viable colour and camel, sophisticated but modern.
I also adore accesories.. they always make my day, when I walk into any store, I always check out the accesories first... I couldn't live without long necklaces, silver rings and belts!
I take my inspiration from what I see on the street, in the people, on the blogs...from what I see in real life. That's why I don't mind buying clothes either in a street market or in a store. Wherever I find something I like I buy it, but with limits of course!

I think it's necessary to all of us to have our own style wich we feel comfortable with. We shouldn't feel the need to follow trends, if you like them, ok, but don't feel stressed if you don't have what everyone else does. Because at the end, trends constantly change, but you own style and essence don't.
Victoria Chang,20 years old
She said,
I really like everything! It really depends on my mood. I don't really have a set style I guess for the most part, it'd fall more on the romantic, vintage side.
How do u get dress? Hmm I'm not sure what this means, but I'm guessing how I choose my outfits? I usually just wake up and know what I want to wear. I don't have much time to decide since I'm still in college and am constantly waking up late for class, so I just grab whatever is in my closet that I see!
Where do u like to shop? I like to shop on etsy. But aside from online places, I frequent a lot of second hand shops, vintage boutiques, thrift stores, all of that. As for stores, In the states my favorite is Urban Outfitters. I don't really go shopping in mall stores too much, though
and what do u think about fashion?
Love it. It's the perfect way to stand out and be different, separate yourself from the crowds. I probably am not being as eloquent as I'd like to be, but I'm obsessed with it.
Kate Mills, a 19 year old Clothing, Textiles and Design Student at the University of Idaho,U.S.A . 
She said,
I love fashion and being able to make myself up to be the person I truly want to be. My style allow me to express my character and set me apart from others. I do not like to simply blend in or follow the crowd. Life would be so boring that way. I like to do my own thing even though sometimes that may be the more scary thing to do. Fashion is my thrill. 
-How I get dressed: I never really know what I am going to wear the next day. I may have a certain piece in mind such as my favorite boots or a skirt, dress or jacket, but my outfit is usually never complete until a few minutes before heading out. I really don't do a whole lot of matching. I usually just grab something that looks like it will go. I really don't like matching my outfits. I never like to look perfect. I like to look more natural with my hair naturally crazy and more natural makeup. I rarely will get rid of any of my clothes unless I absolutely know that they will never come back in style or I know that I cannot somehow make them stylish again by styling them into different ensembles or remaking them. 

-My shopping: Rarely will I spend a lot of money on one piece. I find a lot of my pieces on sale at various stores or at thrift and vintage/antique stores. I also really enjoy fixing up old pieces to make them stylish again.Lindsey Lugrin, 20 year old a full time geology student at the University of Texas at Austinfrom Texas.

She said,
I like to style and model in my free time. School takes up most of my time. 
I think fashion is a reflection of your personality and attitude. People can portray a lot about themselves (or what they would like others to think of themselves) through the clothes they wear. I think fashion is fun to play around with and it takes practice to get your own style down. I think people are the most "fashionable" when they love what they are wearing and you can see it in their face and body language. 
How do you like to dress? 
My style is always changing because I like to dress how I feel that particular day. Often times I'll become fascinated with a movie, photo, or song and I'll want to dress in a way that associates the theme from the work of art with my clothing. Lately I've been dressing a little dark, girly, and childlike whereas a month ago I was more into simple combinations and vintage pieces.
Where do you like shopping?? 

I like to shop EVERYWHERE! It's bad. I blow waaay too much money on clothes and shoes. Some of my favorite places to shop are American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, any thrift store, Bakers shoes, and when I have the chance Top Shop! The reason I like UO, F21 and Bakers so much is because they have a lot of non-leather options for shoes and accessories. I only like to buy vintage leather and non-leather because it's animal friendly and cheaper. I also never wear real fur. 
Vincent Eric,17 year old Photography student from Montreal.
He said,
Fashion to me is about creating a narrative. It's an expression of your person, or of who you wish that person was.
The style of clothing I most often wear for photographs is very Mori-Girl inspired, which is one of the many japanese subcultures... Of course, it's not nearly as daring! But on a day-to-day basis, my style changes all the time. Some days I look very preppy and I wear bowties and dress shirts, others I experiment with androgyny and wear over-sized shirts, stockings and shorts. It changes all the time! Most of my inspiration comes from costumes, characters from books, musicians, paintings, bloggers, and of course others on Lookbook.
As far as shopping tips go... explore! Don't stick to the big, "fast-fashion" stores like H&M, Zara, F21, Urban Outfitters... Granted, I have some great pieces from there, but I get a lot of clothing secondhand, thrifted, or from military surplus stores. They have great stuff for low prices! I also sometimes spend more for worthwhile items like wallets, bags, and shoes.
If anyone is interested, I have a blog at, I post my photography and looks... As of the moment, it's pretty empty, as is my Lookbook, but I will be posting much more in the future!
 Via,Thai student at London.
She is Sarka Sobkowicz ,Poland

But i met her in Moscow

If you see her left's hand ,this is A Song of Life
 Russian girl.
 Sam ,Student in Moscow.
Study at Pushkin Institute,Moscow
Valentin,Famous DJ in Moscow

DUYGU FIDANOGUL,17 year old , going to school in Turkey and love fashion/art/music.

She told me,

My Style depends on how I feel, sometimes you can see me in high heels with red lipstick and totally chic. Sometimes just wearing some lace-ups and tights with a funny T-Shirt like one of my looks on lookbook(the one with Alexander McQueen). In the last time I am a huge fan of Wedges and I adore old/vintage clothes. There is always something in mommy's or daddy's closet I love to wear. Make Up: I love to stay nude but as I already said, there is nothing above a red lipstick and black eyeliner ;)
Ines Alves,21 years old student from Sintra

She said,

I'm a fashion lover so it's great to see how fashion has evolved so much with internet, it's amazing to see the diferences between countries. I think that people are starting to have fun again with fashion and taking more risks. Abnormal is so common, it’s practically normal! I love fashion and accessories and mixing different textures.. I think my style is really simple and comfortable, I really don't know how to describe it, I just dress how I'm feeling!
ASRI,20 years old live in Göttingen,Germany

He said,
I just love to dress well and go shopping new clothes. I'm inspired by everything I see on the street and I try to translate it to my style. (For example: color combinations) 
I often drive shopping to other cities to discover new clothes or new styles that I've not seen before so I get inspired for new combinations with my clothes. 

My favorite shop is Zara! I just love it!! Its not too expensive and they have great clothes to make great combinations with them, but sometimes I'm buying simple clothes (sometimes no-name) so that I can work on it by myself.
Cristina G., 22 years marketing and communication student from Rome.

She said,
I don't dress like this all the time, it was just for a special event!
Usually I wear jeans or skirts and, when it's cold, I put on a sweater. On the contrary, in summer, I love wearing mini dresses.. You'll see it! 
I don't have a specific style, I think; I just wear what fits my mood of the day! I usually don't spend hours thinking about what should I wear: I just open my wardrobe and grab the first things that come to my hand! There's just one thing that's even in my style: I love colors! I don't have many black items: I wear them just when I want a "rock style", just like in this pic. I usually wear baby-blue, pink, blue, bright a word, every tone of blue!
My favourite shops are Stradivarius, H&M, Bershka and local ones like Albano (for shoes only), Yamamay (lingerie and knitwear), Intimissimi (knitwear only).

My favourite luxury brands are: Chanel (my dream is receinving the 2.55 bag as a gift!), Gucci (I have lots of bags of this brand!), Louis Vuitton (I have several bags and a shawl I wear as a kefiah..
Era Caushi,17 years old from Albania but soon living and studying in London.
She said,
I don't see fashion as a concrete thing.. If you want to have style you just have to realise
what makes you feel cosy.
You just have to complete your personality by wearing what creates and makes your style .
I always look for the comfortable outfit. ALWAYS !
A pair of jeans, tee top and a hat would be perfect.
This what I wear mostly and I enjoy it very this is all about.
To be comfortable with your style .
I would never wear furs since I'm a vegetarian.
Wear what you like and stay comfortable!
JESSILETTA ,18 years old live in Stuttgart,Germany
She said,
I think, is pretty much senseless, but a good way to express yourself,not the best though.
how i get dressed? ouh.. when i go out at night i try mixing different things,to school i just wear what i like & what feels good.

My style is pretty simple, i don't like a lot of prints. i try to make it more "fashionable" by adding chains,rings,watches or shoes.
 Hedvig, 17 years old, from Sweden. 

She said,
Something I always think about when I get dressed is that my clothes have to be comfortable, otherwise I don't feel confident at all. I like mixing new modern clothes with my mothers, or even my grandmothers, old clothes. You can find really nice stuff in their wardrobes. Mixing cheap clothes with expensive clothtes is something I often do. As you see, I like this mixing, so I don't think I have a specific style. Swedish bloggers give me much inspiration though. 
When I don't know what to wear, I can always take a pair of skinny jeans with a checked shirt tucked in my jeans. When my outfit feels boring, I put on some jewelry, like big rings, many bracelets or long necklaces. 

And remember, as long as you are comforable with what you're wearing, you look great.
 Juste Kukyte, 15 years old, going to art gymnasium in Lithuania.

She said,

In fashion I can express myself, my character and personality. Your style creates your mood and feelings. I love tight jeans, high-wasted pants, shorts and skirts, also leather jackets and things with chains or metal. And, of course, I adore fashion!
 Xaviera Alfaro,19 years old Fashion designer student from Salamanca,Spain.

She said,
I'd say my style is quite girly, but it usually depends on my mood. Sometimes I want to be a really girly girl and the next day I'm feeling like I should wear something that is rock and sexy. I also love to use accessories, they really give the final touch to the outfit. When I'm wearing more casual clothes, I like to use big accessories, such as earrings and necklaces.
My favorite stores to shop are Zara, Mango, Vila and H&M. And I absolutely love the online store, they have such great clothes.

I like fashion, because it's a great way to express yourself and stand out.
 Sasha K. , 16 year old student & fashion blogger from Petrosavodsk,Russia.
She said,
This summer I started my own blog about me, my life, fashion, stylish stuff and things I just like ( To be honest, I always liked to wear beautiful clothes: in my 10 (or so) years you could have easily caught me wearing my favourite clothes in various combinations. 
Today, I'm really interested in fashion industry, I hope to visit FW one day:) 
Frankly, fashion for me is not only latests designers' clothes but something special and private. I am sure that everyone has their ow style, it just should be directed in one or another way. 
As I said, I'm not fan of elite brands (except some, though. Have you seen the latest creations of D&G? Their winter collection is worth spending much money.) I prefer buying clothes and accessories at Topshop, H&M (who can live without H&M??!), River Island. I love stuff at "Acessories" and "Claire's". 
Well, guys, just believe in yourself and you'll manage to do everything you want! Fashion's for everyone:) 


Sideara , 17 year old an aspiring actress, singer, photographer, and designer. She attends Canyon Crest Academy , a unique highschool that concentrates more on art than sports and encourages students to embrace their individuality. Sideara pours her creativity and spirit into each shoot and hopes her photos inspire people to stop and take a closer look at the world they live in. 

She said,
I dont exactly like the word fashion because I think that "fashion" is about rules - what colors go well together, what is in, what is out, what the old trends are that are still okay, and what things aren't okay.. I'm more into style and design, i think more important than worrying about if colors are "matching" is what silhouette you're creating. Creating shape and layering is what I have in my mind when I get dressed. I like playing with patterns and colors to see what appeals to my eye, but when deciding what to wear, get dressed for YOU. Once you start trying to impress other people you lose your individual style, and i believe everyone can develop a beautiful style of their own. As long as you only wear what you genuinely like. I like to shop at thrift stores because I can find unique clothes that aren't only from my generation.
 Alexandra Fisher,16 years old sdent from St.Petersburg,Russia.
She said,
For me fashion is the way to express myself. It is like an art. All stylish people are artists and they show their opinion and mood using the fashion. I do the same. I don’t try to be fashionable but my opinion is that every girl and boy must be stylish.
Fashion is one of my hobbies. I like to give advices for my friends and family members which clothes are better to buy and wear.
I had never wear Chanel or Gucci but for me it is not important what you wear! The main idea is how you wear.
When I come to the shop I always know what exactly I want. Before going shopping I look for the last trends in magazines. Then I go to a big shopping center and keep walking and looking for all shops because I need to choose the best variant of my “dream dress”. First of all the dress must suits you and show all the best in your body. Secondly, the color of the dress you have chosen should shade your eyes or body color. And I never forget about high heeled shoes and bright accessories! ;)
 Cherelle De Graaf,16 year old Fashion journalist from Netherland.
She said,
First of all, i love fashion! And i know that a lot of people do, but every single person who loves fashion, has his own unique style.. And that's exactly what i love about it! With clothes, you can share your own creativity and show other people who you are, it's a reflection of yourself.
Most of the time i wear panty's with cute skirts or dresses but mixed with leather jackets or studs. I have a weakness for leather jackets and blazers, just can't stop buying them! I also have an obsession with hats and prints. If i must descripe my style, it's a mix between rock / chique. Often people ask me, what kind of style must other people wear? And i always say; People must wear what THEY love, and puts out their own expression and creativity in their clothes!
I love to shop in different city's, but most of all in different countries! It's amazing to see the differences between countries. I like H&M and Zara but for more specific things i go to River Island, Monki, Primark, New Look and Top Shop. In Amsterdam we have a street with vintage shops like Episode and Zipper and i'm lovin it! And there are also a lot of great online shops, i think that's amazing because you can order clothes from all over the world!
I think everyone is beautiful as long as you can be yourself!
 Soniya Singh,from UK
She said,
For me, music is my biggest inspiration when it comes too choosing an outfit.. Hiphop too Jazz too Pop too Rock!
I am definitely not afraid to try new styles, colours and patterns. I could not describe my style in words as it varys and changes alot..
One day I could be going for the Skaterboy/Grungey/Street look..
One day I could be going for the Red lipstick/classy/Cool chick look.
The only rule I tell myself with fashion is have NO rules! Be creative, be mad, be YOURSELF. I would say my favourite style icons are Gwen Stefani, Kat Von D and Hanna Beth. Although music inspires me, people inspire me too. I love seeing other people express themselves and let there personalities show through there clothes.
My top 5 favourite stores/sites are:
1. H&M
2. Topshop
3. Voodoo
 Olympia C. 15 years old Student&Blogger from Nuremburg a city near munic in bavaria, germany.
She said,
I think my style is vintage-like with cassic elements but also very variable I just wear what I like or in what I feel good and compfortable.
Getting dressed is sometimes very hard I think ;D exspecually if there isn't much time! But actually I put on what I feel like and that depends pretty much on my day mood.I like this style becaus eof the mix between the romantic lace dress and the rough jacket, boots and tights.
For me fashion is an experession of you mood and feeling trough clothing.
I LOVE shopping in London! Because there you got everything, very cheap things like Primark, vintage shops, soooo stylish stuff from topshop and also all the big designers.
I'm wearing:
Monki lace dress
The sting aviator jacket
DIY shredded tights
buffalo boots
accessorize necklage
Ray Ban glasses
 Mela R.,15 year old Prima Ballerina from Berningen.
She said,
First of all I really love fashion and with that I'm not meaning to go shopping. Fashion is so wonderfull, because you can impress your feelings and your emotions. Every person should wear things which are making them happy and feeling good.
Now to my favourites: Often I am just buying basics and try to combine them that they're look great together. But of course you should also have garments which are special and which are describe your style. I would say about me that my style is very feminine. I love to wear skirts and things with flowers on it. I love dresses and accessoires. I think that accessoires are very important for a perfect outift, because they're the cherry on the cake.
I like to shop on jumble sales or in vintage stores, because the things are cheap and special there. Not everyone has these. Besides I love to shop in "Zara". That's a multiple shop from Europe. The garments from there are absolutely my style (which isn't a right style =). I'm just loving everything you can find there.
Charmian B. ,19 year old Fashion student from South Africa.

What do u like to wear? 
I like to wear clothes that reflect my vibrant personality and clothes that are comfortable at the same time.I like clothes that are unique and differant to what other people wear. I like to be able to stand out amongst a crowd and be considered as an individual that is daring to wear whatever she wants. 
How do u get dressed? 
I get dressed according to the mood I wake up in on that specific day. So if I'm happy I will wear bright colours and so on. But I also like to dress to differant moods and themes. So if I feel like dressing like a "rock star" I will wear band t-shirts and stylish grunge clothing. Then I also have days where I like to dress girly in feminine garments. It just depends how I feel in the morning and what activities I will be doing that day :) 
Where do u like to shop? 
Because I come from South Africa, I do like to support some local designers. So I shop at a shop called "The Space", it's a very trendy shop that stocks local design talent's garments. One day I aim to have a rail in the store where other South Africans can buy my stuff. Otherwise, I love travelling and like to shop overseas in Europe. I then bring the clothes back to South Africa and mix it with some local garments and foreign garments which help make my outfits more unique and my style. My favourite shops are Zara, Stradivarious, Mango and Pull & Bear. They are affordable and let me wear garments that can be mixed and matched to suit my personality :) 
What do u think about fashion? 
I think fashion is a way in which someone can express themselves and show how they feel through the clothes that they wear. It allows us to make a statement and show strangers who we are without having to speak. Fashion helps us create an individuality and establish a statement on our ways of living. We dress according to the lifestyles we lead and activities we participate in. Fashion is amazing and I love it hugely!!!!