Monday, July 25, 2011

MAI, Thai fashion blogger from BERLIN.

    Lets know with a Thai fashion blogger from BERLIN.
    MAI is 21 years old.Originally She's from Bangkok but i moved with my Mom to Berlin,Germany
    She's a freelance artist, blogger and fashion journalist for the online magazine 'haupstadtstudio'.

    HER STYLE:It's a little bit funky, chic and with a mix of rock 'n roll.

    What do you think about fashion?
    MAI:Fashion is the form to express your creativity and a little bit how you feel. Also, fashion is independent and you can wear what you want.

    How do you get dress?
    MAI:Did you mean how i get my clothes? Well, i bought most of my clothes from H&M, Weekday stores or from Second-Hand stores. Of course i really like to shop in the internet.